Add the Perfect Amount of Water to Your Bongs

You need water to smoke from a bong but if you had too much or too little, you can ruin the taste and experience.

Bongs are extremely exciting and one of the top ways people have chosen to smoke for centuries. 

The number one question most stoners have is how much water they should put in a bong. It would be best if you chose the proper water level so that you can get the best hit off of your bong. You could utilize your bong for medicinal reasons or use it to have a good time.

Using a bong the correct way is entirely dependent on the water levels you have and the type of bong you have obtained. This article will explain how to fill your bong the right way, whether you have a honeycomb or a percolator bong.

How to Fill a Bong with Water

Water your bongs through the mouthpiece (on top) into the base until the downstream is submerged in water.

Don’t worry for those of you who are nervous because the process is straight to the point. However, if you have percolators or different chambers, it could be a lot harder to fill. 

With a beaker bong, you have to remove the bowl and/or downpipe if applicable. After this step is complete, slowly pour water into the chamber until it gets to the right level.

If you are dealing with a multi-chamber or percolator bongs, you will probably have to help manipulate the water to the lower chamber. 

When doing this, ensure that you are carefully moving the bong from side to side without spilling any water. If this plan fails, you can fix this problem by using your mouth. Exhaling will help the water navigate to the correct location.

Why is Bong Water So Important

The water in a bong acts as a heat suppressor. Smoking involves combustion, and the hot smoke will not hesitate to burn your throat. 

Bongs will protect you against this since they provide a smoother hit. The water inside of it cools down the smoke before it has a chance to be inhaled into your lungs. 

The drop of pressure in each pull of the bong you take sends smoke from the burning bowl through the water.

How Much Water Should I Use

Honestly, there is no definite amount of water that should be in your bong. The main factor that you have to consider when filling up a bong is how big the actual bong is. 

You want the right amount of water for proper smoke filtration. This is why it is essential to fill up the bong slowly. You want to make sure that all diffusers and downpipes are submerged without the water being able to touch your lips.

How to Fill a Double Perc Bong

You have two percolators that function to diffuse each hit that you take while providing a beautiful hit. You have to pour water in an untraditional way by sending it down the down stem. You are supposed to flow it through the mouthpiece through the percolators. When the water fills the second perc, you have to blow the water down to the bottom chamber.

How to Fill a Double Chamber Bong

Ensuring that all slits are in the water will guarantee that your bong will properly diffuse and bubble. Then fill the top perc from the mouth and cover the slits. After this, you should be able to hit your bong with no problem.

How to Fill a Honeycomb Bong

The honeycomb bong is a different breed in comparison to the percolator bongs. This bong is shaped like a disc that has hundreds of holes built in for filtration purposes. Fill water from the stem to a third of the way to the honeycomb. Your water may sit on top, depending on the size of the honeycomb holes.

How to Fill a Percolator Bong

The traditional way of filling water in percolators is through the mouthpiece.

With this bong, you need to fill it from the top and let the water rise halfway. You need to ensure that your downstem is slightly submerged unless it is a diffused downstem. In this case, you need to immerse all of the slits fully.

How to Fill a Triple Honeycomb Bong

The perfect way to fill this type of bong is by pouring water until you get to the second honeycomb. When you hit this bong, it naturally goes up to the third honeycomb. Pour water into the mouthpiece and blow until all three percs and the down stem are slightly submerged. If they are not adequately submerged, tilt the bong sideways to get it into the correct chamber.

A Note About Ice Bongs

A bong manufacturer created an ice trap or ice pinch for a smoother hit. The ice will melt, so you have to consider this when pouring your water. 

Also, use a lesser amount of water than you would without the ice. The ice also helps stop splashbacks that happen in smoke sessions when it is less than fresh.

Perfect Bong Water Level Everytime

For a smooth hit, you must get the correct water level. If you don’t use enough water, the bong could become extremely hot, and if you use too much water, this could cause a lot of resistance or spill in the bong. Just remember that it matters how much water is in a bong.


When you prepare for a bong session, you must ensure that everything is perfect for the best experience possible. So before you put your herb in there, take a few tokes from the bong. When everything looks great, you can begin smoking.