Learn Everything about Banger Nails

A banger nail is a inserted into the water pipe of the dab rig where you will heat up the vaping concentrate.

Banger nails are also known as dabber nails, but what are they? What is their purpose? Their shapes, sizes, and designs vary according to the users preference, whether they are new or experienced. 

The many different types of materials used for banger nails allow the user to experience increased vaporization, whereby the user can enjoy a cleaner taste.

Types of Materials in Banger Nails

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  1. Quartz is most often preferred because it gives a clean, more concentrated taste. It is a durable material that won’t crack under extreme temperatures compared to using a glass dabbing nail. A quartz banger nail provides little vaporization waste at a more than adequate temperature.
  1. Thermal quartz has become more and more popular in recent years because of its durability, although plugging the neck of the banger may occur which requires a little more cleaning. It is best used with a carb cap. Its design differs from the standard quartz banger because it has a double wall specially made to be strong enough to prevent cracking.
  1. Flat top quartz has an insert dish that helps to keep the nail clean, meaning that the lifetime of the nail is increased. The flat top banger is available in different sizes so you should know the measurement of your insert. It must be larger than the nail head.
  1. Titanium banger nails are as durable, or more so, than quartz bangers, although there are people who think that titanium leaves behind a metallic aftertaste. As far as cleaning goes, titanium may clog the joint of the banger nail.
  1. Trough bangers have a unique shape and design that attract users, although it is recommended that you use it with a carb cap. You heat it until it glows, let it cool, then inhale, apply the concentrate, then exhale. Cleaning requires using cotton swabs and alcohol.

Different Designs of Quartz Banging Nails

Dab banger nails, quartz dab nails offer all kinds of different designs and options for your dab rig.

Quartz banger nails come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The designs are named after the shape of an everyday object that you may use at home. 

The trough dabbing nail is only one example. It resembles a dish. Others include the cube bucket, the gavel, the diamond knot, flat top, and the reactor nail. Because everyone is different, preferences also differ.

Heating a Dabbing Nail

A lighting torch is the usual method to heat a dabbing nail. This extreme heat can cause cracking or shattering of the materials used to design a banger nail. After all, it is the insert in a water pipe in a rig that gets heated to very high temperatures.

Glass and ceramic may be the users preferred choice of dabbing nails, although both materials are not entirely shatter proof. A borosilicate glass dabbing nail is not shatterproof. Even though it acts as an insulator, it does not conduct the heat as well as quartz. 

Ceramic falls into this category, and while some people think that both ceramic and titanium emit a clear gas, it continues to be used in the design of nail dabbing.

Cleaning Your Dabbing Nail

The usual method used to keep a dabbing nail clean is alcohol and cotton swabs. Most people use Q-Tips which work very well to get into tight spaces. Some materials require a little more cleaning than others. Titanium is one of them. 

Titanium swells, clogging up joints in the neck of the nail dabber. There are pros who believe that a quartz nail dabber should not be cleaned quite as thoroughly as other materials used in the design of a nail dabber. 

They compare it to seasoning, such as the cleaning of a cast iron frying pan. They also think that this method of cleaning gives quartz a longer life span.

If you’ve checked out the website above, you probably have learned even more about the many types of nail dabbers available to you, the consumer. 

A borosilicate glass dabbing nail may be easier on the pocket book, but the more expensive quartz dabbing material is stronger and more durable, therefore it will probably last longer, unless you’re the type of person who is cautious while using and caring for it. 

Quartz can take the extreme heat better than the glass nail dabbers. Speaking of cost, the prices vary. Don’t be afraid to research the variety of prices and many types of products available online to give you a more enjoyable experience.