How to Clean a Quartz Banger

Bangers come in various sizes and types but you still need to make sure you rinse them clean and let them dry before using it again.

If you want to know how to clean a dab banger then you’ve come to the right place! This guide will help you to learn how to clean a quartz banger and continue to dab clean with no adulterants for future years! 

Here, you will learn how to clean quartz banger and will be better off during dabbing sessions. 

Most Common Banger Materials

It the most commonly made of quartz but can be made with ceramic or titanium.

There are a few common materials on the market for bangers including quartz, titanium, and ceramic. However, you will find that many of the quartz options aren’t entirely quartz so you should get one that you know is higher quality and pure. 

You want a clean quartz banger for the supreme taste. You will learn how to clean a quartz nail and how to keep a quartz banger clean with reliable results every time.


Titanium bangers tend to have less flavor but will last longer and won’t break if you drop them. You will find that if you prefer a quartz banger then you’ll go through a lot of them during your sessions because accidents happen. A titanium option will heat up very quickly so there’s that advantage to consider.


Ceramic is another viable option that heats up very quickly and has a better taste than titanium. It won’t break as easily but it can still happen. This option retains heat very well and will result in an even smooth hit at the proper temperatures.


Cleaning a dab nail is easiest when you use a quartz banger for the most part, but it’s important to remember that consistency is key. 

Taking hot dabs is also discouraged because this will leave nasty black marks on your banger that can be very difficult to get rid of.


Glass bangers are the most popular because you get the most flavor from your hit, but they can be tricky to get that desired temperature. 

It takes time to get to know the different types and how thick they are. Buying a thermometer is a great way to get the perfect hit at an optimal range.

Cleaning Quartz Nails, Quartz Bangers, Domeless Quartz Nails

Cleaning a quartz banger is a bit different than cleaning dab nails because of the difference in shape.

The general rule of thumb with these options is to simply swab the nail with a q tip after each hit to get rid of the residue. 

If you want to keep them clean, then it’s imperative that you take lower temp dabs because swabbing won’t help remedy the residue from a higher temp combustion dab.

How Do You Clean a Quartz Banger

After you initiate the swabbing sequence at the end of each hit you can actually opt to swab again with alcohol or a cleaning solution to get the excess extra puddle and render the banger completely clean for longer use. It’s always important to swab after each hit so that you don’t reheat the oil and make a mess.

Soak Your Quartz Banger in Cleaning Solution

If you want a thorough clean then you can opt to soak your banger for a period of time and this will make it look brand new. From there you can heat it up like normal after the following steps.

Rinse Your Quartz Banger

You want to make sure to rinse the banger after soaking it in a solution or you might inhale harmful chemicals when heating it up again. 

Once you’ve soaked it for some time then run it under the faucet and shake off the excess water effectively so there isn’t any liquid.

Swab Your Banger

Clean out the droplets in the banger well and make sure that you use the cleaning solution dipped with a q tip to get those hard-to-reach areas in the neck of the banger. This will ensure that no more buildup occurs which can actually block airflow.

Rinse Clean

Rinse all the residue out and you will have an oil-free banger that is ready to serve you well for the next few weeks. A thorough rinse is recommended to address any possible chemicals left over.

Let the Banger Dry

Let the banger sit out and dry for an hour or so and that way you will know that things are fully dry before using. This is important because it will then heat up with more continuity when it’s time to get faded!


Cleaning your quartz banger is very important if you want to maintain a healthy smoking session

Every dabber knows that low temp is the best way to enjoy cannabis extract, and your banger will thank you after each session when it’s easier to clean and you get a supreme taste!