How to Clean Silicone Pipes

Anyone can clean silicone pipes with just a few simple steps starting with gathering some supplies like cotton swabs.

Cleaning a silicone bong does not have to be an arduous, time consuming process. No one really looks forward to cleaning out all of that residue by hand. It can often be a messy, lengthy process for those who have not quite mastered the art of cleaning a silicone bong. 

For those who are new to smoking, they may not even know how to clean a silicone bong. Fortunately, this guide will describe some simple, yet effective methods of how to clean silicone pipe.

How to Clean a Silicone Pipe: First Gather All Supplies

Isopropyl Alcohol is one of the most common methods people use to clean a silicone bong.

Anyone can quickly learn how to clean silicone bong by remembering a few, easy steps. By getting everything set up prior to cleansing, one can have a silicone pipe looking as good as new within just a few minutes. 

No one wants to be halfway into the process, and then realizing they forgot something. Fortunately, only a few things are necessary to ensure a good cleaning. The items that will be needed on hand are a hand towel, a dish sponge, a toothbrush (or some q tips), a kitchen sink, some silicone pipe cleaner, and a little elbow grease. 

Silicone pipe cleaner is preferred over regular dish soap, as it has been uniquely formulated to effectively clean residue out of silicone pipe. Another great tip is to store all items in a small container, so that everything is already on hand for future cleanings.

Remove Glass Parts and Apply Cleaner

Now that all supplies have been gathered, the next step to cleaning the silicone bong is to remove any glass parts, putting them aside in a bowl or a cup. Glass components must be cleansed separately. 

When cleaning a silicone pipe, a pre-rinse with some water may be a good idea if it is showing signs of heavy use. 

Next, apply a liberal amount of silicone pipe cleaner, and allow it to thoroughly saturate all areas, both inside and out. Another tip is to apply a bit of pressure to the silicone pipe cleaner bottle in order to fully cover all surfaces.

Don’t Get Impatient!

Time is of the essence when it comes to cleaning a silicone bong. It is important to be patient in order to allow for a thorough cleaning. Wait five minutes before moving onto the next step.

It’s Time to Get Scrubbing

After five minutes have passed, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to work. Using either a toothbrush or some q tips, gently scrub the interior and exterior of the pipe, focusing on any particularly soiled areas. Make sure that every area is saturated with the silicone pipe cleaner, and receives a thorough scrubbing.

Rinse! Rinse! Rinse!

No one wants to receive a nasty soapy surprise the next time they use their pipe, so rinsing is a vital step in the cleaning process. Run water through it for several minutes, making sure to expel any remaining bits of cleaner that may be lingering inside.

Leave it Out to Dry

Do not immediately put a silicone smoking pipe away once the cleaning process is finished. A dark, humid cabinet is the perfect place for bacteria to grow, which could cause the pipe to break down and become permanently damaged. 

Dry the pipe out by hand with either a small hand towel, or a few paper towels. Leave it out in a well lit area, so that it can completely dry on the inside as well.

Benefits of Silicone Smoking Pipes

learn the extremely important Benefits of Silicone Smoking Pipes for

It is extremely important to keep a silicone bong clean. There are several benefits of silicone smoking pipes when compared to glass ones. Silicone is much more durable, and not as fragile as glass is. In addition to durability, silicone also takes a bit longer to accrue residue. 

Because of this, they have a tendency to stay relatively clean for a bit longer; However, the lifespan of a silicone bong is heavily dependent on how often it is cleaned out. A silicone bong should still be thoroughly cleaned out often, in order to reduce germs, enhance the quality and flavor of the product smoked, as well as to maintain overall basic hygiene. 

“Why Cleaning Your Glass Pipes and Bubblers is Important” is a fantastic blog post, which delves into all of the reasons why a silicone smoking pipe should definitely be cleaned out regularly.

In conclusion, silicone pipe smoking is an enjoyable experience, providing relaxation and relief to those who partake in it. Learning how to clean a silicone pipe is important for many reasons. By cleaning silicone pipe out on a regular basis, one will be able to maximize the amount of use one can get out of it.