How To Dab Without A Torch

Torches are commonly used to light dabs but if you don’t have one, you can try some of these alternatives.

A torch sounds like an intimidating word as it is. Not to mention it has the ability to start a fire or even give someone nasty burns. 

It is understandable for some people to dislike it and even fear it. 

Thankfully, in this ever-changing world, that’s not the only option you have. Using an average lighter might be safer, but it just doesn’t cut it. 

Putting the torch aside and picking these options could make your sessions even more discreet and have you lugging around a lot less when you travel. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to dab without a rig or torch, this article is for you.

How to Dab Without a Torch

Know How to Dab Without a Torch and use other methods to experience a whole new level.

Health Stone

Using a stone might sound archaic, but this is the future of dabbing for glass enthusiasts. A pipe or bowl has a crafty add-on—basically, a 100% inert ceramic stone that sits inside your apparatus of choice. 

Apply the concentrated dab on top of the stone and use a cigar lighter to start vaporizing the oils. This makes dabbing a lot more portable and safer. If you still miss the feel of a rig, this stone can be attached to it, and you still would not need a torch to spark that dab. 

These stones usually last for around six months. You heard of vaporizers being the only options back in the day, but the stone age is coming back.


Vaporizers , E-Nail and Coating A Joint are another simple way to dab without a torch.

These devices are as portable as possible! These days, vaporizers come with a compact design and a long-lasting battery that lasts for at least a day. 

Vaporizers are pretty simple to understand. The dabs are heated up using a coil in the chamber called the atomizer. It is usually made out of quartz, ceramic, or titanium. 

The price of vaporizers can range between $30 to $300, but it’s better if you don’t take the cheap route out of it if you want a quality hit every time. 

Topping A Bowl

Before the dawn of vaporizers, the average stoner would use a mix of dry cannabis and hash oils to get that elevated euphoric hit. 

The oil would melt and coat the weed in the bowl. A simple lighter can do the trick for this method. The hash oil could be stretched out over the whole bowl, so everyone in the smoking circle gets a hit. 


An electric nail is an upgrade over a torch for dabs. This device uses an electric current that heats up the quartz or titanium nail. 

A power box powers a coil that is wrapped around said nail. It saves you the round trips of picking up butane on a weekly basis. The temperature stays consistent, and it’s priced between $100 to upwards of $500. 

Test it out on your glass apparatuses and see if your rig tips over when it’s standing on its own. It isn’t recommended to use an e-nail on a dab rig.

Coating A Joint

Also known as twaxing your joint, this method is pretty straightforward. Wrap the hash oil around the rolled joint like a snake. 

You could even line the inside of the joint with it and allow the dry ganja to mix inside. This could lead to a leaky joint if too much oil is applied. You definitely don’t want to be that person in the smoke sesh. 

Once you’ve wrapped the oil around the joint, smoke it at an angle so it doesn’t drip down. If you are feeling really dangerous, dip the wrapped joint in kief for an extra bump to this glorious creation.

Make Cannabis Oil or Butter

Infusing weed with oil and butter to make edibles sounds like solving two problems with one solution. Getting high and getting munchies. 

It is a delicate process that requires you to decarboxylate the weed before eventually cooking it, but who could say no to a pot brownie or cookie.

Dabbing Methods To Avoid 

If the above methods aren’t cutting it for you, you can check out these 3 easy alternatives to get lit. Just make sure you avoid what we are going to mention next.

  1. Car lighter & Plastic bottle – Too many moving parts and could hurt yourself if you are in a seated position in your car.
  2. Hot Knifing – Using two heated knives, the dab is sandwiched between them and the vapor is collected in a bottle and inhaled. Definitely not worth it.
  3. Aluminum foil – Excellent to make pork ribs, not so great for dabs. Smoking cannabis using this exposes the user to toxic materials in the foil and could lead to long term health issues. 


Congratulations! You now have unlocked the achievement of how to smoke wax without a torch. The wisdom learned in this article will definitely have you not risking your health and just enjoying a high like never before. 

Don’t make short-cuts which could hinder your health, trust the process and keep puffing.