How To Pack A Bowl: A Beginners Guide To Smoking a Bowl

Find out how to properly pack a bowl to get the best hits with this in-depth guide

For as long as most people remember, smoking weed was always a taboo growing up. If you did indulge in it, it was normally through a stoner friend who was well versed in the art. You would have to learn how to pack a bowl through practicing over and over again. 

There would not be any information out there to help you in your time of need. Fast forward to 2021 and weed has been legalized in a lot of countries. Nowadays, you’ll find videos and tutorials on how to smoke up, and this article here is one of them. If you’re looking to learn how to pack a bowl, this is for you.

What Is A Bong

Large White finish bong gives a clean and futuristic look

The bong business has been booming for some time now and it’s considered one of the most important instruments in a stoner’s arsenal in their quest to get that perfect high. It is as simple as it sounds – a filtration device that uses water to give you the smoothest hit of weed. It’s perfect to smoke bud in once you know how to load a bong.

What You’ll Need To Pack A Bowl

  1. Bong – This is one of the most important parts of starting the process of how to smoke a bowl. If you don’t have this, you might as well stick to rolling a joint.
  2. Flame – You should make sure you have a lighter because you wouldn’t want to be standing there swiping matches while you are trying to enjoy your high.
  3. Couch – This is pretty straightforward. When you get high, you would want to be as comfortable as you can. We all know that every stoner story started off on a couch.
  4. Sploof (Optional) – For those stoners who want to keep things on the down-low and don’t want their nosy neighbors peeping in, this would be perfect for you. Instead of letting out the beautiful smoke into the air, you blow it into this device to filter out the smell.

Bong Components

  1. Carb – This tiny hole is important to remember as it is the difference between building up that smoke to inhale and wasting your breath in the process.
  2. Base – The wide part of the bong that holds the water which allows the smoke to collect before inhaling it.
  3. Neck – Normally, some stoners hold this part while using a bong. This connects the base to the mouthpiece and varies in size depending on the bong you use.
  4. Mouthpiece – This is the part you put your mouth on to help inhale all that lovely weed smoke.
  5. Ice Catcher – Some bongs come with little pieces in the neck to help store ice in them. This cools the smoke and makes it less harsh for beginners.

How to Pack A Bowl

Bong, Flame, Couch and sploof are required to pack a bowl

Step 1: Remove the bowl to avoid knocking over the bong by mistake. This is also to make sure no stray weed falls into the water chamber.

Step 2: Break off some of the weed into little nuggets, big enough to grind and not too small that it will turn into dust. Put the carefully selected nuggets into the grinder and start grinding away till you reach the consistency every stoner hopes for.

Step 3: Once the weed is ground, take out how much you need and gently place it into the bowl. Be sure not to pack it too hard or it won’t burn properly or too light that it falls through without generating the intended smoke. Use your thumb to push the weed into the bowl and secure it in there.

Step 4 : With the good kush secured, it’s time to get that light and spark it. Before that, find a comfy spot on your couch to start your session. 

Step 5: Spark the bowl with the lighter and cover the carb. Watch the smoke build-up in the base and neck of the bong. Once you’ve ignited the whole bowl, let go of the carb and inhale all that glorious weed smoke. There you have it. You just learned how to smoke a bong!

Tips For Smoking A Bong

Enjoy Mary Jane's Top-class tips to getting ultra-smooth bong rips of things in life, there is a right way.
  1. Don’t be in a hurry; it’s a process, and inhaling slowly ensures you enjoy your experience.
  2. You don’t have to hold in the smoke for more than a couple of seconds. Research suggests the THC is absorbed within the first few seconds of inhaling it.
  3. Clean your bong! If you don’t, it tends to get gross and tastes horrible as well.


How to smoke a bong is the easy part. It’s the process leading up to it that can be a bit tricky. Practice makes perfect and you can be positive that reading this article will make your first experience a pleasurable and euphoric one. Make sure you pack it correctly and your sessions will be good as gold.