How to Sell Anything to Anyone at Anytime

Build a rapport with your customers and sell with integrity are just some of the steps to be able to sell anything to anyone.

The sales and marketing field moves faster than other industries due to more and more products and competitors coming into play. 

Before you know it, you’re in a race with 5 other similar brands who all offer the same products and services as you do. The only debate is who can sell theirs better?

Regardless of the industry that you’re in, whatever techniques you’ve used in the past might not necessarily work today. 

Being in the sales field, you don’t have the luxury of time to relax and watch satisfying videos during your smoke break – you only have time to sell! 

If you’ve found yourself in a pickle where you’re having difficulty making sales, here are some tips on how to increase sales and reduce the cost of selling.

Ways to Be Better at Selling in Retail

Sell better by providing clarity on what the client will be getting.

Is the ability to sell a talent that you need to be born with?

Of course not. 

Everyone can learn to be a great salesperson as long as they follow some simple retail selling tips:

Smile When You Greet a Customer While Wearing A Mask

The term ‘smize’ coined by Tyra Banks meant to smile with your eyes. Take it from a top model who knows how to look at a camera, you can meet a customer with a smile with or without a mask. 

The key is to show your true enjoyment through your eyes. The welcoming smile helps customers lower their wall of self-defense and be more open to what you’re selling.

How to Build Rapport With Customers

“Building a rapport” might sound technical but it’s the heart of succeeding in human interactions. You can build a rapport with your customers by simply finding something in common that’s not related to your products or services. 

It could be physical like jewelry or even the type of mobile the person has. You can then comment on that item with a question and share something related about yourself based on what that customer says.

How to Sell People on Value

If you sell products that aren’t useful or enjoyable, while you might do well in the short run, you’ll be missing out on being a great salesperson in the long run. You need to consistently sell value over price to your customers if you want to be good at sales.

The best salespeople know how to show an item’s unique features and convince the customer they need this unique benefit. Being able to draw out the value of even the simplest products like a measuring tape can make the difference between a regular sales staff and an expert.

How to Challenge Customer Perceptions

If someone wants to buy a cheap item because every other item they buy seems to break, you need to be able to change their perception. 

To sell a premium product, you need to be able to tell the customer what was wrong with the product they bought and how the premium item you have solves those problems. 

For example, if someone wants a cheap hose because the one they keep buying breaks, you have to be able to tell them why the hose breaks (due to rises in temperatures) and how the premium hose will solve that problem (triple reinforced and insulated lining to prevent damage.)

How to Sell With Integrity

Selling with integrity means following through with what you say and making sure your claims about your product or service are accurate.

Customers appreciate it when retail associates are honest with them. They feel like they can trust you and they’re more likely to make purchases.

You shouldn’t overstate the value of your product or service and you should never skip potential shortcomings. 

Dishonesty doesn’t do anyone any good and it could hurt both your store and your reputation. If you don’t know something, tell the customer you’ll get back to them with an answer as soon as possible.

How to Learn From Your Selling Successes and Mistakes

To be a good salesperson, you have to understand that your training is never really over. This is because when you’re in sales, you’re in the field of studying people and behaviors. 

You need to understand why a customer didn’t purchase from you and what you could’ve done differently to land the sale. 

Great salespeople treat each situation as a learning opportunity of what works and what doesn’t, helping you figure out ways to improve.

How to Use Persistence in Your Selling Process

Sell with persistence is “firm or obstinate continuance in the course of action despite difficulty or opposition.

While persistence pays off, you don’t want to come across as pushy. Show customers that you care about them and their experience and you want to genuinely help them. 

Having small, personalized interactions with your customers can go a long way to closing deals and increasing sales. You have to come across as diligent if you want to ‘woo’ your customers.


The above is just a shortlist of tips to help you become a better sales associate. However, if you want to be able to sell anything to anyone at any time, you need to keep practicing these tips. The best seller is always looking for ways to continue being the best.

Practice these tips daily and you’ll be on your way to becoming the next Dale Carnegie!