Learn Everything About Nectar Collectors

Nectar Collectors are portable, easy to clean and pack a serious punch for when you need a dab on the go.

Stoners have come a long way from rolling joints and taking bong hits. These days, the pursuit of getting a better high has led to many new innovations. This doesn’t mean adding more weed or getting a bigger bong. 

This means changing the whole delivery system and the physical state of the THC. This article will discuss the revolutionary nectar collector and how to get yourself a nectar collector dab the next time you want to take smoke up on another level.

What Is A Nectar Collector?

Nectar Collectors are portable and designed to vaporize hash and concentrates.

This is the latest accessory in the dabbing culture that is gaining popularity in the stoner world. It’s a straightforward design that resembles a tube and works exactly like a straw. One could also say it is like a portable dab device that has a mouthpiece on one end and a heated titanium quartz tip on the other end to vaporize the cannabis concentrate for that perfect hit. This redefines the stoner sessions as you can now have a hit anywhere and everywhere. 

Parts Of A Nectar Collector 

  • Silicone / Glass straw – The mouthpiece you use to inhale that wonderful vapor.
  • Titanium or Quartz tip – This heated part is used to vaporize the dab and is similar to a dab nail.
  • Silicone or Glass dish – A dab holder
  • Water Chamber –  Water percolation happens in this chamber which generates the smoke just like in a bong.

Why Use A Nectar Collector?

One of the most important reasons to use a nectar collector is its portability. Imagine having to lug around a dab rig with you wherever you go. You probably will be getting the short end of the stick if your friends pick you, and if you’re high as a kite as well, good luck!. 

Apart from the stream-like design, the nectar collector also eliminates the waste you get trying to get all the wax out of the container since you can use it directly without having to extract anything. You just have to point, make contact with the concentrate, and inhale. 

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How To Use A Nectar Collector?

Step 1

Heat the collector’s tip with a dab torch. It needs to be nice and hot and have a glowing red tip when it is ready.

Step 2

Make sure your weed wax or oil is on a heat-resistant surface. You wouldn’t want the surface to shatter because of the heat and lose all that sweet ganja gold.

Step 3

Slowly press the tip of the collector onto the wax or oil and inhale all that glorious smoke, and there you have it – your first dab! You didn’t even have to move an inch for that.

How Does A Nectar Collector Work?

Essentially a nectar collector works like a dab rig, but it removes the need to have to transfer the weed oil/wax onto a nail or dabber to heat it up. 

The collector is directly placed onto the concentrate, which is in the dab dish to generate smoke inside the device and all you have to do is inhale all the smoke generated. Make sure everything is close to you so you wouldn’t have to scramble for anything during the process.

How Do I Clean My Nectar Collector? 

You will require a tiny bit more effort and supplies to clean this contraption than your regular ole bong. What’s needed is a zip lock bag, hot water, a cup, and a cleaning agent with 91% or higher alcohol.

Step 1

Remove the tip of the collector and blow through the mouthpiece – this will push water out and let you fill in the cleaning liquid into the chamber. Stand the piece inside the cup and allow it to soak for at least an hour in the agent.

Step 2

Take the tip and put it into the Ziploc bag with the cleaning agent, and let that soak as well for around the same amount of time.

Step 3

Lastly, rinse each part of the collector with hot water. Make sure it is done thoroughly to ensure there is no cleaning liquid still left inside. You don’t want to get high off the cleaning agent.

And that’s it! You have cleaned your collector, and you’re ready for a long night of smoking with your buds. 


The nectar collector is a new innovative way to smoke your weed oils/ waxes, don’t be shy to switch things up from the traditional. It might get you baked off your face, but you’ll enjoy it no less. Be patient and always clean your apparatuses.