There are many creative tricks that can be used to make an incredible joint and here’s a list of six crazy joints you can learn.

An essential part of the smoking experience is having a good joint to smoke. While it’s important to be able to roll a basic joint, it’s even more fun to smoke a funky, almost-artistic one. 

With the evolution of legislation that surrounds smoking cannabis all around the globe, we’re seeing people go hardcore with their ability to roll joints. Rolling joints is no longer just functional, it’s also fun!


Crazy ways to roll up a joint

There are loads of innovative tricks that can be utilized to make an incredible joint. With that in mind, let’s learn how to roll cool joints. We’ve made a list of six crazy joints to roll. 

  1. The Shotgun Joint

The shogun joint, also known as the shotgun shell joint, is an absolute beast. It’s one of the best ways to consume a large amount of stuff without a hassle. It goes without saying, but you’ll need a decent amount of product to begin with. 

King-sized papers also help make the rolling process simpler. You then have to stick two papers together, licking the sticky side of one of the papers and attaching the bottom of the other. 

Trim of any excess paper. Use around four filter papers to create a combined filter. Pair the filters and place them together, wrapping the large rolling paper around to create a cone.

The remaining part of the process is business-as-usual – just fill up the cone until it’s neatly packed and smoke your troubles away. Make sure you share your joint, given the amount of smokables it has in it. 

  1. The Scorpion Joint

The scorpion joint should be classified as a work of art. This creation requires some craft and origami skills. 

To start with, you’ll need to roll a thick joint. You can close it off or leave it open, depending on the size you’d like your scorpion’s tail to be. Next, use small rolling papers to build tinier joints that become the pincers and legs. 

After this, use a pair of closed tweezers to pierce holes along the body of the thick joint. The hole should go in through one side and come out of the other. 

Fill up these holes with mini joints, making sure the largest one is closest to the tip of the joint. Do this until you have a perfect, scorpion-shaped joint.

  1. The Triple Braid Joint

Another crazy joint to roll is the triple braid. As the name suggests, you’ll need to roll three separate joints to create this. 

Avoid packing them too tightly; the more loose they are, the easier they will be to braid. Using the sticky side of the rolling paper, attach the three joints at the filter. 

Braid the three together, in the same way hair is braided. Twist the ends and spark it up.

  1. The Dutch Tulip Joint

This floral-shaped killer is one of the cool joints to roll. You’ll need to create a much larger roach or filter than usual. 

Ideally, it should be the length and width of a pencil. Seal it up with big papers. Make a square shape out of two large papers, with the sticky strip of both along the same side. 

Fold one corner over the other, and close the triangle with the sticky side. You’ll now have a cone that you can pack with your mix. Insert the roach and secure it using the excess crimped paper from the cone, or a rubber band. Spark it and pass it.

  1. The XXL Joint 

To everyone’s surprise, giant joints aren’t hard to roll. Much like the shotgun joint, you’ll need a whole bunch of stuff to smoke to create a joint of this size. 

If you’re able to find XL rolling paper, use that. Alternatively, you can stick regular-sized rolling papers together but be prepared for this to affect the structural integrity of your joint. 

If you’re using regular rolling paper, allow it some time to dry after you’ve stuck them together. In case you’re not able to find big filter tips, using the same technique as the shotgun joint, bind multiple regular-sized filters together. 

Create a conical shape, with the filters at the narrow end, and begin filling it with your mix. Make sure the shape stays conical, which ensures that your joint packs well. 

Take care to see that it’s not too tight because you’ll need enough air to flow through your joint. Close it and smoke the best bud with your best buds.

  1. The Windmill Joint

Similar to the scorpion joint, you’ll need one big joint and a couple of smaller ones for the windmill. 

It’s also best if you have king-sized papers to roll this crazy joint. Roll four joints that match in size. Since these are the blades of the windmill, they don’t need filters. 

Take two king-sized papers, stick them together and fill it up into a thick, straight joint – with a filter. Poke four holes near the tip of the fat joint and insert the smaller ones carefully into it. Spark it and share it. 

Roll a joint and bring the novelty back into smoking


Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to roll, it’s super cool to play around with different ways to roll a joint. 

Learn as many as you can and even try creating versions of your own. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating the best smoking experience you can.